Joon – Chantilly High

“Daniel …  improved my SAT scores 490 points. I saw a rise in my PSAT score from a 189 (my sophomore year) to a 2370 on my SAT (my junior year). What Daniel did best was to not only teach me how I missed a problem, but also give me unique and invaluable tips on how to cut time and to easily solve problems. His method for critical reading has been essential for my SAT “career”. I also feel he is very easy to talk to and get along with, and I love the fact that the tutoring was one-on-one; he had no one else but me to focus on. He was also very flexible with his times. I highly recommend him.”


Josh – Centreville High School – Virginia Tech

“Getting tutored by Daniel saved my SAT score! Thanks to him, my score rose around 300 points and I received an 800 in Writing in the few short weeks he tutored me over the summer. It was convenient because all the sessions were at my house, so I didn’t feel out of place, and it was always a nice environment. He’s very friendly and always knows what he’s talking about, whether it’s about tips and tricks to completing a section on time or a question about a math problem. Daniel’s combination of knowledge and friendly atmosphere make studying for the SAT slightly less painful. He was always very considerate when I had to reschedule a session. I would wholeheartedly recommend Daniel to anyone and know that they would have just as good of an experience that I had.”

Amy – Thomas Jefferson High School

“Although Daniel tutored me for only a short while, he was really helpful in raising my SAT score. Instead of having me go through drills and pure memorization, Daniel taught me effective strategies to approach each section of the test for efficient test-taking. I really enjoyed the unique tips and tricks Daniel showed me. Furthermore, Daniel is very knowledgeable about not only the test overall but also what area each of his students needs help with and how they can improve. I thoroughly enjoyed each SAT session with Daniel and I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a reliable tutor.”

Success for Kelton!

One of my previous students, K, came in with a 1310 SAT. K, an international student with poor background knowledge of English, attended a private school without an adequate ESOL program. He had a very difficult time taking the SAT. However, after a week of blitzing the SAT, 2 hours a day for an entire week leading up to his March SAT, he improved to a 1670 and has a great shot at an American University. He has a brilliant mind that only needed a little bit of direction!

Congrats K!!!!

Success for Joon!

Recently got word that one of my last year’s students, J. Cho, got a 2370 from an 189 PSAT for his June test! Congrats J!!!!

AHHHH, so excited for your future. You are a brilliant kid and you definitely worked your butt off to beat the top end of the curve, gaining 490 total points.

770 Math, 800 Critical Reading, 800 Writing. Truly amazing.

Daniel – Centreville High – Virginia Tech

“I recommend Daniel Son for tutoring because it’s affordable and reliable. It’s more comfortable getting tutored by Daniel than a teacher…  It was really convenient because his schedule was flexible and he drove to my house to tutor me. He taught me personal skills he used on the SAT test and it helped a lot. I liked the way Daniel taught me because he made sure I understood the material and he explained it very well. Throughout the summer course, my score improved around 300 points!”